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29 October 2015

Thursday 29 October


Arrival and Registration

Tea and Coffee


Session 1: The Truth of Nature: The Metaphysical Landscape

Jonathan Naumann, ‘The Silurist’s Pastoral: Henry Vaughan’s Spiritual Landscapes in Silex Scintillans’

Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise, ‘“To feel and measure all the excellence / Of things”: “Natural Things” as Borderlands in Herbert, Vaughan, and Traherne’

Hillary Davies, ‘Charged with the grandeur of God: Henry Vaughan and Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Experience of the Sacred’

16.45 Plenary: Peter Mitchell: Pilgrimage “into the Maine” Anatomical and Colonial Encounter in Works by John Donn
18.00 Dinner

The Welsh Marches: A talk by Mervyn Bramley - The Brecknock Society

Bar open afterwards for informal conversation & discussion

30 October 2015

Friday 30 October

08.00 Breakfast

Session 2: A Metaphysical Style? The Spirit(uality) of Writing

Greg Miller, ‘Crucifying Craft: a Donne-Herbert Dialogue’

Sean McDowell, ‘Henry Vaughan’s Welsh Bird’

Raymond Jean Frontain, ‘Hopkins, Donne, and the Syntax of Spiritual Effort’

10.30  Tea and Coffee

Session 3: Crossing Borders: The Welsh Marches

John Burton, ‘The Topography of Desire in the Sonnets of John Davies of Hereford’s Wittes Pilgrimage’

Joseph Sterrett, ‘John Davies of Hereford and the King of Denmark’

Angela Balla, ‘Sites of Toleration? Spiritual Liminality and the Welsh Marches in Vaughan’s Verse’

12.30 Lunch
13.30 Poetry Walk
15.00 Tea and coffee

Session 4: Redeeming Verse: Poems of Innocence and Experience

Cynthia Gaw, ‘Pleasure Bait: Moral Boundaries in “The Church- Porch”’

Colleen Wethered, ‘”Most poore: With thee”: The Place of Poverty in Herbert’s ‘’Easter Wings’’’

Beth Dodd, ‘Innocence and the Borders of the Soul in the Work of Thomas Traherne’

17.00  Plenary: Sophie Read, ‘Henry Vaughan and the Land of Spices’ 
18.00 Dinner

Border Songs: a performance by Roger Garfitt & Gareth Rees-Roberts

Bar open afterwards for informal conversation & discussion

31 October 2015

Saturday 31 October

08.00 Breakfast

Session 5: Illuminating the Heavens: Natural Philosophy and Mysticism in Metaphysical Poetry

Jennifer Newton, ‘Preparing Hearth and Heart for Christ: George Herbert’s Latin Poem “Martha: Mary” in Theological Context’

Abigail Marcus, ‘“Active as Light”: Vaughan’s Radiant Traversals’

Orlando Reade, ‘Radiant correspondents: Katherine Philips and Henry Vaughan across the borders of English poetry’

10.30 Tea and Coffee

Session 6: Title to be confirmed

Elizabeth Clark, title to be confirmed

Simon Jackson, ‘Sound and Space Herbert’s Temple’

12.30 Lunch – followed by Free Time
15.30 Tea and Coffee

Session 7: After Eden: Negotiating the Post-Lapsarian World

Fahimeh Nasseri, ‘“Thou art my wisdome, Lord”: Augustinian wisdom in Herbert’s poetry’

Christopher Hodgkins, ‘Between Two “Worlds”: Herbert and Vaughan Anatomize the Age’

Grant Lilford, ‘George Herbert, RS Thomas and Renunciation’

17.00  Harp Recital – Mared Emlyn
18.30 Dinner
19.30 Crossing Borders: a Poetry Reading, Greg Miller

1 November 2015

Sunday 1 November

08.00  Breakfast

Session 10: Old and New Metaphysical perspectives

Helen Wilcox, ‘"Invisible Margin": Marcher Piety and Poetry in Lewis Bayly and George Herbert'.

Jane Aaron, ‘“Before the Dark”: The Twenty-first Century Poetry of Ruth Bidgood and Anne Cluysenaar’

Chloe Preedy, ‘Ethereal Imagery in Ovidian (meta)physics’

11.00  Tea and Coffee

Plenary 3: Robert Wilcher, “This figure on the edge”: The liminal poetry of    Henry Vaughan.

12.30  Lunch
13.30  Conference Close and depart

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